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Want to see some Arsenal dressing room pictures and images? Take a look at some of the best Arsenal dressing room pictures with Arsenal dressing room celebrations and Arsenal players in the dressing rooms.

History Of Emirates Stadium 

The Emirates Stadium is a football stadium in Holloway, London, England which is the home ground of Arsenal. It was called the Ashburton Grove before getting sponsored and has a capacity of 60,260.

It is the third-largest football stadium in England after Wembley Stadium and Manchester United’s Old Trafford.

In 1997, Arsenal were looking into the possibilities of relocating to a new stadium after their plans of expanding the Highbury were denied by the Islington Council. After going through various options which included purchasing the Wembley altogether, the Gunners decided to build a new stadium in an industrial and waste disposal estate in Ashburton Grove in 2000.

They did not receive the council’s approval to build a stadium on the site until a year later. The club’s then-manager, Arsène Wenger called it the “biggest decision in Arsenal’s history” since the board appointed Herbert Chapman.

Building the entire stadium project cost Arsenal £390m and was completed in 2006. Despite bringing in on significant financial consequences, the club has fully grown into their new home.

Arsenal Dressing Room At Emirates Stadium

Arsenal Dressing Room Celebrations

Here you can find videos of Arsenal players celebrating inside the dressing room after winning trophies in recent times.

Arsenal FA Cup Final 2015 Dressing Room Celebration

Arsenal FA Cup Final 2017 Dressing Room Celebration

Take a look at the Arsenal dressing rooms celebrations in 2017 after their FA Cup win over Chelsea.

Arsenal Dressing Room 2019

As you can see, the Arsenal dressing rooms are simple but elegant. The player’s seating areas are built like closets from high-quality wood. They also have leather cushions for the players to sit on and put on their kits.

The jerseys, shoes, socks, knee pads and other amenities are always arranged and ready for use before the players are even inside the dressing room ahead of a game.

Now, all conversations between the players and the coaches understandably take place within the four walls of this very room both before, during and immediately after a match. Aah! What I would not give to plant my ears against one of these walls.

The players are definitely used to getting debriefed in other rooms as well which is much better equipped with chalkboards, projectors, etc. So it’s essential that each and every player feels good and at home in the changing rooms.

The dressing rooms are essential for the club as it makes the players feel relaxed before the games.

Inside The Arsenal Dressing Room

Ben Welch of Four Four Two magazine had a chance to sit down with some of the Arsenal players to talk about the atmosphere inside the club’s dressing room.

The report is a bit old with players who might no longer be with the club but it will definitely give you a sense of how it actually is amongst the Arsenal players.

The music:

“I have a playlist I put on before a game,” says Olivier Giroud who is in charge of the dressing room music according to Mertesacker. “There’s a bit of everything on there: electro, hip-hop, rock, pop. I like to keep it varied. Some players get up and dance – but not the Europeans. We’ve got some good movers. The music helps to lift everyone’s spirits before the game.”

With the veteran striker, who do you think is in charge of the dressing room music now? I bet it is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang!

Arsenal Players Dressing Room 2019

The team is full of different characters from all over the planet:

“We have different characters in the dressing room,” explains Mesut Özil. “We have calm players and lively players, serious ones and funny ones. The Spanish speakers are more relaxed, always having a laugh and a chat. We’ve a good mixture of characters; experienced and young. We feel comfortable with each other. We have a solid structure that creates good energy and success.”

Sit according to your positions:

“In the dressing room we sit in our departments, so defenders sit together, midfielders sit together and so on,” said Laurent Koscielny. “I sit next to Per [Mertesacker] and Nacho Monreal. Sitting next to each other helps us to improve our understanding because we can go over tactics and remind ourselves of the game plan. The atmosphere 5-10 minutes before kick-off is really focused and calm.”

Giving your teammates the appropriate space:

“Everyone is different in the dressing room,” reveals Per Mertesacker. “Some guys are calm; some are lively; some need to push themselves. I don’t need to go around and gee up every player – everyone is professional and motivated for each game. You have to let each player go through their own routine. We keep it simple. The aim is to be focused.”

Players open to expressing themselves:

“Sometimes players will let out a little aggressive shout before we head out – it helps,” says Mertesacker. “We have a little huddle in the dressing room before we go out onto the pitch, and then we high-five and shake hands before the kick-off to give each other confidence. Then we just concentrate and focus on our job. Everything we do before the game helps us stick together on the pitch.”

Matteo Guendouzi admiring Aaron Ramsey’s dressing room attire

Arsenal Dressing Room Aaron Ramsey

Fans In Arsenal Dressing Room


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