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Arsenal Players And Their Houses

Arsenal Players And Their HousesArsenal Players And Their Houses

Here, we look at all current Arsenal players and their houses. Arsenal players and their houses? The North London club is known to pay their footballers very well, stacking up one of the highest wage bills in the entire Premier League.

This helps the players to be able to afford sizeable homes for them and their families, often seen in mansions with a pool, a chimney, a jacuzzi, the works.

Arsenal Players And Their Homes

Arsenal footballers earn in millions, giving them the leverage to purchase prime real estate both in London and all over the world.

I am sure this list will raise a few eyebrows just like our other list – Arsenal Players Cars did.

Maybe you will win the lottery tomorrow, or perhaps you already have a lot of money and want to see what kinda houses you could buy.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses List

So, let’s take a look at the biggest and most expensive homes of Arsenal football stars today. We get glimpses of the houses each Gunner have either owned or rented.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang House – £3.5m


Arsenal Players And Their Houses Pierre-Emerick AubameyangPierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s lived in this mansion back in Dortmund. It features 16 rooms, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and even a lift.

The garage had enough space to store the Gabon international’s £1.5m car collection.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang PoolPierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s London House – £16m

The striker sold his previous property in Germany after he confirmed his move to Arsenal in January 2018. Soon after, he checked out this particular house which was designed by Dragon’s Den star, Kelly Hoppen.

This luxury property boasts of 3 dressing rooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 shower rooms (how are they any different), a study and a drawing room – all in excess to the usual reception hall, plenty of space in the dining room, kitchen and reception area.

Not to mention the fully-equipped gymnasium attached to a spa and a movie room, swimming pool and a fully decorated 129-foot garden.

Take a look at the beautiful interiors.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang London

The property is equipped with a state-of-the-art entertainment system with a massive plasma screen and warm recliner seats.

Arsenal Players Houses Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang London

The pool is far too classy and well lit.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Pierre-Emerick AubameyangMesut Ozil House – £10m

Everyone is interested to know where the club’s highest paid player stays. Where does the £350,000 he earns each week go?

Take a look at the attacking midfielder’s luxurious pad. It is located in Hampstead alongside a few of his Arsenal teammates.

It has 6 bedrooms with the interior designed by one of Ozil’s close friends. All the marble has been brought in from Turkey.

His entire home is filled with pictures and artefacts of his Turkish descent, including the large framed portrait of Ottoman Sultan, who conquered Istanbul.

His own brand’s logo is plastered on the door which leads to the cinema and games room.

Just look at the amount of space there really is!

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Mesut Ozil

The interiors are very minimalistic with a warm pull to it. It really is the raw material like the wood that is bringing any colour to this setup.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Mesut Ozil Bedroom

However, with the former Real Madrid player bagging one of the biggest contracts in the Premier League, do you think it is time for him to make an upgrade?

Can he really go any higher? How much better can it get than this?

I mean, the man has a dedicated room just for his shoe collection. It is filled with some of the world’s most expensive designer shoes, including the full Adidas Yeezy collection by Kanye West.

Petr Cech Marbella House – £4m

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Petr Cech

Just look at it! The soon-to-retire Arsenal goalkeeper loves to spend time in one of his favuorite holiday homes in Marbella, Spain. It is estimated to worth around £4m-£4.5m.

It looks like a house built for the perfect vacation.

Imagine how many trophies he has in it! The former Chelsea player will be hanging up his boots soon but he might have to buy a new place back in London.

It is unclear whether he will join the club’s backroom staff after the 2018/19 campaign or whether he will move back to South West London to join back with the Blues.

Ex-Arsenal Players And Their Houses Honourable Mentions

Jack Wilshere House – £3.7m

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Jack WilshereWhether you are an Arsenal fan or just really into expensive properties, you will definitely want to check out this amazing mansion.

Former Gunners midfielder, Jack Wilshere recently gave us a look into his Hertfordshire mansion which did get listed for sale earlier.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Jack Wilshere BedroomThis well thought out modern property is crammed to the rafters with spacious and refined bedrooms, four dining rooms, a home theatre and its very own wine cellar with a temperature gauge.

This six-bedroom home was built in 2013 by Oakbridge Homes.

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Jack Wilshere Pool Room

Olivier Giroud House

Arsenal Players And Their Houses Olivier Giroud

Okay. That actually looks like it was made in Disney World.

Former Arsenal player, Olivier Giroud who is currently with rival outfit, Chelsea makes a lot of money too. His house looks like the movie set for every party movie! Doesn’t it?

Other Arsenal Players And Their Houses

Many other Arsenal players and their houses could have made this list but for one reason or other, they have chosen to keep their residences private. Probably for good reason too right?

One can imagine what fans might do after a poor performance on the pitch. Imagine having thousands of strangers know where you live?! Ugh.

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