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Arsenal Goal Of The Year List – Past Winners (Videos)

Arsenal Goal Of The YearArsenal Goal Of The Year Award Winners List

Arsenal goal of the year? Every year there is an award given out for the Arsenal players’ goal of the year. Some great Arsenal players have won this award in the past. So who has won the Arsenal goal of the year in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015? Well, we will find out now!

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2018: Aaron Ramsey vs Fulham

On 7 October 2018, during Arsenal’s 1-5 Premier League victory over Fulham, Aaron Ramsey scored one of the best goals in the club’s history.

It was a beautifully improvised team goal which started all way back from the Arsenal corner line. Hector Bellerin managed to get past a couple of opposition players and allowed Ramsey to find a run of space more centrally after a couple of quick one-twos.

Ramsey knocked the ball towards Henrikh Mkhitaryan with his head, who in turn found Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang charging down the left flank.

Ramsey darted towards the opposition box but hesitated just enough to fool an entire line of Cottagers defenders. Aubameyang pulled the ball back towards the Welshman who cheekily guided the ball back into the back of the net with the flick of his left heel.

It was truly a magnificent effort from the entire Gunners attacking lineup.

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2018 – Video

To be fair, there were other goals which were nominated for the 2018 goal of the year. The one that came the closest was Aubameyang’s one against Leicester City on 22 October.

It easily could have won but Ramsey’s delightful finish in the Fulham game topped it above all others.

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2017: Olivier Giroud vs Crystal Palace

The 2017 Arsenal goal of the year just has to be awarded to Olivier Giroud for his infamous ‘scorpion kick’ volley against the Eagles on the very first day of the year.

Not only was the finish incredible but the build-up to the goal was also ridiculously fast and well executed by Arsenal.

The Gunners picked off possession from Palace in their own half with Lucas Perez making an interception and laying the ball off to Hector Bellerin.

The fullback launched a grounded pass towards an advancing Giroud who flicked the ball in stylish fashion towards Granit Xhaka, taking out two of the Palace defenders in the process.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles found Alexis Sanchez on the left flank with space to run forward. The Chilean immediately pulled the ball back towards his stronger right foot and crossed the ball towards the big physical Giroud.

Keep in mind that the Frenchman was running straight towards the opposition box while he had 4 defenders surrounding him. Sanchez managed to find the striker and with the clearest of connections, Giroud flicked the ball into the opposition net by acrobatically pulling his leg all the way back and connecting his heel.

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2017 – Video

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2016: Mesut Ozil vs Ludogorets

It was a group stage Europa League fixture against Ludogorets when Mesut Ozil pulled off one of the most mesmerising pieces of skill ever witnessed by Arsenal fans.

Arsenal were level 2-2 after the first half but still needed to win the fixture to stage themselves at the very top of the group.

In the 87th minute, Mohamed Elneny won back possession with his side and quickly noticed Mesut Ozil making a run like with acres of space around him.

The Egyptian found Ozil with a perfectly curled ball. Not only did the latter manage to beat the opposition defender’s offside line with an excellently timed run, he also lifted the ball perfectly over the advancing goalkeeper, you know the way Ronaldinho used to every 30 seconds within a match.

Ozil then proceeded to bring the ball down with sublime control and faked out two of the Ludogorets defenders who went sliding out of reach completely. Then all the German had to do was tap the ball into an open net.

Only he could have made it look that easy and that effortless! Here take a look.

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2016 – Video

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2015: Mathieu Flamini vs Tottenham Hotspur

This goal might not seem worthy of the goal of the year award but at closer glance, you will be forced to think otherwise.

To put things into perspective, Mathieu Flamini scored this goal to win a League Cup Third Round tie against Spurs after scoring the opening goal for his team.

On the 78th minute of the match with both sides level, Arsenal were attacking with Alexis Sanchez trying to slide the ball through to his teammate. A Tottenham intercepted the ball but failed to clear it convincingly.

The ball soared up high nearly 20 feet before falling straight down onto the feet of Flamini. With the momentum picked up by the defensive midfielder, he struck the perfect volley to power the ball past Hugo Lloris.

What a way to finish out his last season with the North London club.

Arsenal Goal Of The Year 2015 – Video

Which goal did you like the best? Or did you think some of the other Arsenal goals in that particular were better than the ones listed here? Do let us know!

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