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Arsenal Notable CaptainsArsenal Notable Captains

Arsenal notable captains? Which Arsenal captains have won the most for the club? Which captains have been the best leaders for Arsenal? Well, if you’re wondering, we have a list of all the Arsenal notable captains.

Arsenal Notable Captains – Tony Adams

Arsenal Best Captain EverSo who are the recent most notable captains? Well, Tony Adams is the most recent notable captain. The defender is a legend at North London. Adams’ devotion to Arsenal is such that he played for the club his entire professional career, making 669 appearances over the course of 19 years.

Adams also earned 66 caps for England winning 4 League titles, 3 FA Cups and 2 League cups. He was born on 10 October 1966 and is still a massive figure at the Emirates as he rightfully should be.

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall, Adams was not only a great leader on the pitch but also one of the best defenders in the world during his time. Taking on the armband in 1988, he has the most number of games under his belt as the Gunners captain.

Arsenal Notable Captains – Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira is one of the best defensive midfielders in the history of football but also one of the most influential figures at Arsenal.

The French midfielder arrived at North London in 1996 and went on to appear in 279 League games for the club. He also captained the team under Arsene Wenger for 3 seasons, succeeding Tony Adams into the position.

Under Vieira, Arsenal made history by clinching the 2003/04 Premier League title while going unbeaten.

Arsenal Notable Captains – Pat Rice

Arsenal Most Notable Captain

Another legendary figure at Arsenal who is in the club’s top ten list of appearances made – 528. Pat Rice grew up in London and joined the club back in 1964 as an apprentice.

Soon after making his debut for the side in 1966 he on to earn his first cap for Northern Ireland. He established himself as a formidable right-back in the English top-flight and was awarded the captain’s armband in the 1976-77 season.

He won the League title once and led the club to the FA Cup trophy in 1979. After retiring from professional football, he came back to serve the club as their assistant manager for 6 years, alongside Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal Youngest Captain Ever – Terry Neill

Arsenal Youngest Captain Ever

It is a popular belief amongst most Arsenal fans that Cesc Fabregas is the club’s youngest captain ever. However, to clear everyone’s misconception, Terry Neill is the Gunners’ youngest ever captain at 20 years and 102 days.

He officially took over as the club’s leader during the summer tour at the end of the 1961-62 campaign. The Daily Mirror even published a story on 14 August 1962 about the Northern Irishman’s new position at the Highbury.

Fabregas was 21 years and 204 days old when he had taken over from William Gallas following his embarrassment at Birmingham.

All Arsenal Captains List

Season Captain Notes
1886-87 David Danskin
1887-88 David Danskin
1888-89 David Danskin / Arthur Brown
1889-90 Morris Bates
1890-91 Morris Bates / William Stewart / Humphrey Barbour / Peter Connolly / John McBean / Bill Julian
1891-92 Bill Julian / David Howat / Robert Buist / William Stewart / Tom Graham / Sandy Robertson
1892-93 Charles Booth
1893-94 Joe Powell
1894-95 David Howat
1895-96 Caesar Jenkyns
1896-97 Gavin Crawford
1897-98 Gavin Crawford
1898-99 John Anderson
1899-1900 Joe Murphy
1900-01 Duncan McNichol
1901-02 Jimmy Jackson
1902-03 Jimmy Jackson
1903-04 Jimmy Jackson
1904-05 Jimmy Jackson
1905-06 John Dick
1906-07 Percy Sands
1907-08 Percy Sands
1908-09 Percy Sands
1909-10 Percy Sands
1910-11 Percy Sands
1911-12 Percy Sands
1912-13 Percy Sands
1913-14 Percy Sands
1914-15 Percy Sands
1915-16 Probably Percy Sands
1916-17 Probably Percy Sands
1917-18 Probably Percy Sands
1918-19 Probably Percy Sands
1919-20 Joe Shaw
1920-21 Frank Bradshaw
1921-22 Frank Bradshaw
1922-23 Alec Graham
1923-24 Billy Blyth
1924-25 Alf Baker
1925-26 Charlie Buchan
1926-27 Charlie Buchan
1927-28 Charlie Buchan
1928-29 Billy Blyth
1929-30 Tom Parker
1930-31 Tom Parker
1931-32 Tom Parker
1932-33 Charlie Jones Until 24 February 1933
1932-33 Alex James From 24 February 1933
1933-34 Alex James
1934-35 Alex James
1935-36 Alex James
1936-37 Alex James
1937-38 Eddie Hapgood
1938-39 Eddie Hapgood
1939-40 Eddie Hapgood
1940-41 Eddie Hapgood
1941-42 Eddie Hapgood
1942-43 Eddie Hapgood
1943-44 Eddie Hapgood
1944-45 Eddie Hapgood
1945-46 Eddie Hapgood
1945-46 George Male
1946-47 George Male
1947-48 Joe Mercer
1948-49 Joe Mercer
1949-50 Joe Mercer
1950-51 Joe Mercer
1951-52 Joe Mercer
1952-53 Joe Mercer
1953-54 Joe Mercer
1954-55 Jimmy Logie Until 10 November 1954
1954-55 Walley Barnes From 10 November 1954
1955-56 Walley Barnes Until 17 September 1955
1955-56 Don Roper 18 September to 8 January 1956
1955-56 Cliff Holton From 8 January 1956
1956-57 Peter Goring
1956-57 Cliff Holton
1957-58 Dennis Evans Until 4 January 1958
1957-58 Dave Bowen From 4 January 1958
1958-59 Dave Bowen
1959-60 Vic Groves
1960-61 Vic Groves
1961-62 Vic Groves
1962-63 Terry Neill
1963-64 George Eastham
1964-65 George Eastham
1965-66 George Eastham
1966-67 Don Howe
1967-68 Frank McLintock
1968-69 Frank McLintock
1969-70 Frank McLintock
1970-71 Frank McLintock
1971-72 Frank McLintock
1972-73 Frank McLintock
1973-74 Bob McNab
1974-75 Alan Ball
1975-76 Eddie Kelly / Terry Mancini Kelly was team captain, Mancini was club captain
1975-76 Alan Ball
1976-77 Alan Ball
1976-77 Pat Rice
1977-78 Pat Rice
1978-79 Pat Rice
1979-80 Pat Rice
1980-81 David O’Leary
1981-82 David O’Leary
1982-83 David O’Leary
1983-84 Graham Rix
1984-85 Graham Rix
1985-86 Graham Rix
1986-87 Kenny Sansom
1987-88 Kenny Sansom Until 6 March 1988
1987-88 Tony Adams From 6 March 1988
1988-89 Tony Adams
1989-90 Tony Adams
1990-91 Tony Adams
1991-92 Tony Adams
1992-93 Tony Adams
1993-94 Tony Adams
1994-95 Tony Adams
1995-96 Tony Adams
1996-97 Tony Adams
1997-98 Tony Adams
1998-99 Tony Adams
1999-2000 Tony Adams
2000-01 Tony Adams
2001-02 Tony Adams
2002-03 Patrick Vieira
2003-04 Patrick Vieira
2004-05 Patrick Vieira
2005-06 Thierry Henry
2006-07 Thierry Henry
2007-08 William Gallas
2008-09 William Gallas Until 24 November 2008
2008-09 Cesc Fabregas From 24 November 2008
2009-10 Cesc Fabregas
2010-11 Cesc Fabregas
2011-12 Robin van Persie
2012-13 Thomas Vermaelen
2013-14 Thomas Vermaelen
2014-15 Mikel Arteta
2015-16 Mikel Arteta
2016-17 Per Mertesacker
2017-18 Per Mertesacker
2018-19 Laurent Koscielny

Arsenal Captains 2018/19

Arsenal Captains 2018-19The Gunners appointed Unai Emery as their manager ahead of the 2018/19 season, who chose 5 players to lead the club under him.

“The captain of this group is Laurent Koscielny, who is injured at the moment,” said Unai Emery.

“After Laurent, our other captains are Petr Cech, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Granit Xhaka.

“I want leaders in the team, every player at every time to have the capacity to show leadership, but these are the five players who have a possibility to be the captain.”

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