Arsenal legend Ian Wright is of the opinion that the Gunners are in a fortunate position at the moment. Wright thinks so because Arsenal are challenging to win the Europa League and have a good chance of finishing the Premier League in the top four.  Arsenal made a fine comeback to beat Rennes and qualify for the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

Wright believes that Arsenal should be fortunate because of the position they are in at the moment. He said, “It’s a difficult one [Napoli Europa League tie] but we are getting to the stage of the competition where the best teams are. Arsenal are very fortunate at the moment because they’ve now got a good bit of momentum in the Premier League, and they can just continue with that and they should do the same with the Europa League.

Whichever one doesn’t work out, they know what they’ve got to do in the other one. It’s a tough competition to win but Arsenal are in a position where they could do it.”

Arsenal were supposed to play Wolves this weekend but the fixture has been postponed because Wolves have to play their FA Cup quarter-final against Manchester United tonight. As of now, Arsenal’s next match is against Newcastle United on April 1.

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